Our Techniques

Dr. Kannas utilizes a variety of highly-effective adjusting techniques to restore proper biomechanics and remove any interference to the nervous system.  Each body is different and requires an individualized approach for your body to respond most effectively, which is why we are constantly educating ourselves!  Some of you are familiar or have found more particular benefit with a certain technique, please be sure to let us know about that upon your first visit.  While Dr. Kannas incorporates her knowledge and training in a variety of techniques into her individualized treatment, below are the two main ones used in this office.  All techniques utilized in the office have not only proven to bring relief to people with a variety of health conditions, but also to provide effective wellness care.       

Diversified Technique

Here at The Chiropractic & Wellness Studio, PLLC we use an adjusting technique that is referred to as "diversified." 

First we aim to discover which areas of your spinal column are misaligned or out of position.  This is most often determined by going through several different motions and positions while the doctor feels for any areas that aren't moving through their optimal range of motion.  A leg check may also be done in order to determine further imbalance in your body.  Always remember, you may not always feel the areas that need adjusting prior to your visit. 

After the doctor determines the areas of your body that need to be adjusted, she will use her hands to put a very specific amount of energy into the joints to restore proper motion and alignment.  The critical direction, speed, angle and depth used are the result of years of training and experience in the understanding of biomechanics. 

When the adjustment is being made, there may be a "popping" noise that is heard as a result of the gas and fluid changes within the joint.  This sound can be a normal result of an adjustment, but is no indication of it's clinical effectiveness.

Activator Technique

As one of, if not the, most researched and studied techniques in the field, Activator utilizes an instrument to adjust and restore motion to the joints in the body.  The Activator is a gentle, low-force adjusting technique.

The process we use to evaluate your body begins in much the same way as it does using the Diversified Technique.  However, during this technique, we often need your participation!  We ask you to move your body in certain ways that elicit a precise reaction in both your nervous and muscular systems.  Next, we take that valuable information and use it to assess your leg length which tells us specific factors needed for the adjustment. 

Once we have effectively determined the areas of the spine that are asking for attention, we use the Activator to deliver the specific and controlled adjustment.  This method of adjusting takes a great deal of study and requires seminar attendance every year to maintain the knowledge and expertise to deliver the most beneficial adjustments. 

During the adjustments using the Activator Method, you will likely not hear any "popping" sound.  The way the adjustment is effectively delivered requires the patient to remain in a neutral position.  The adjustments are equally effective and beneficial to you. 

Important Follow-Up Information

The joints of the spinal column have mainly been discussed in this section, but we work with all joints in the body to restore proper movement and alignment. 

In order to get the best care possbile, Dr. Kannas needs your input and feedback, so be sure to talk with her during your personal visits!

Remember, you are always better off with a bone in place than out!